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At DMT we pride ourselves on being a full service firm providing our customers with top-notch services; networking, computer service contracts, phone service and more. We understand the importance of making your dollar stretch and strive to deliver the most cost-effective solutions that fits your needs. We do not cut service to give you lower prices. We increase service.



We understand small businesses because we are one. Privately owned and operated, you can utilize our expertise as we work with the major companies so you can stay focused on your own primary business.


Contact us today to discuss how we can save your business money and time. We are the one stop shop for all your business needs.


Direct Sales and Franchises are available.


Minor requirements for either option. Turn around time is normally 14 working days but can be longer. Why work for a company when you can own one.


We offer full turnkey businesses or you can add us to your current business.


If you do one sale a day for a month you will make $2000 to $3500 depending on service or product. If you have the tools to install services or equipment you can double to triple your income.


Join our Direct Sales or Franchise today by email.

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